Project Performance

VisionAp perform projects following the Agile Methodology ensuring that only value-added tools are implemented at customer’s site

The three pillars of project success are:


Unfortunately, companies often resort to numerous unsecure, undocumented Excel spreadsheets to fill in the information gaps left by the ERP or centralized accounting system. VisionAp solutions can fill those gaps and replace Excel applications with the power of the Web by consolidating data across company divisions and subsidiaries, even in a decentralized global environment.
Profound business administration experience combined with our information systems expertise allow us to rapidly identify where your current processes suffer most from lack of automation and define what solution can be implemented.
A customized software solution and how to implement it form an integral part of the preliminary analysis.
The analysis phase will finish with a proposal including a project timeline.


Based on an aligned proposal the design phase will begin. During this phase the design of the system takes place. This includes database design and programming of all specifications for which VisionAp is accountable. Close collaboration with your IT department will ensure an easy integration to your IT environment as well as data integrity and a secured access.


Implementation takes part in a step-by-step approach.
Typically projects involve a three months delivery cycle utilizing a building-block approach, where each module is fully implemented before adding a new one. This approach significantly mitigates the risk of redundant work at the client’s end through our First-Time-Right approach. Each implemented module will rapidly improve your business process. It goes without saying that any of these modules are fully tested prior to implementation ideally with the customer’s data. Client involvement is typically limited to identifying improvements and running a parallel analysis with the existing process that will certify the application. Given that projects are scalable, it will be your choice to continue building solutions with us.



Financial business expertise

Market knowledge

Issue solving Know How


> 10 years serving customers

Dozens of transformation projects executed


Long term customer relationship (>5 years)

Concurrent system updating

Full Compliance given at any time


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”


  • Experienced committed IT development team able to run projects on their own accord
  • Management team hold broad range of business expertise over various financial business segments
  • Both Management team and IT development team focus strongly on a  customer-based approach to meet client’s requirements
  • Almost global time zone coverage allows service through full EST, GMT and CET business days
  • International teams support in Spanish, English, French and German


Cloud advantages


Reduced cost for IT environment and resources


Automated technology updates

Unlimited capacity