Expertise in complex business management combined with our technology allows quick identification of a potential lack of automation; it enables proposal of the best solution implemented in the shortest time possible as a robust system.

Has your business expanded globally and therefore increased complexity need to be managed?

Is this information collected in massive potentially disconnected spreadsheets?

Does the ERP not provide vital information for decision making at first glance?



Independent modules

Cash Flow Management

Company cash flow management

  • Monitoring system for daily, weekly or quarterly cash flows.
  • Interface developed to connect with bank accounts and review online balances.
  • Forecast cash movements from the most common operations: sales, salaries, current expenses, etc.
  • Allows the management of hundreds of accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Allows to obtain forecasts (excess or defect) of cash to make decisions in a timely manner.
  • Minimizes the impacts of cash flows in the organization and at the same time the costs for interest payments.


Personalized dashboard and reports management

  • VisionAp has developed its own web-based reporting technology that allows a deep analysis of the data in a flexible way and adapted to the needs of management reports.
  • VisionAp designs, develops and adapts dashboards that businesses need.
  • Generates reports with tracking of defined KPIs, financial ratios.
  • Compares and monitors historical data series for sales and expenses.

Complying Liquidity Adequacy Requirements Application

Liquidity reports management for regulators

  • Covers the Basel III reporting needs.
  • Classifies and integrates assets, loans and credits and cash flows for the calculation of risk ratios.
  • Meets the directives:
    • LCR: Regulation of highly-liquid assets to cover short-term obligations
    • NCCF (Net Cumulative Cash Flow): liquidity metric that measures a credit union’s survival horizon based on its net cumulative cash flows. Study of the IN and OUT flows to identify imbalances.
  • Integrates all financial assets and liabilities in a centralized database and calculates the cash flow for generation of financial reports to regulators.
  • Can be adapted to the particular needs of the financial institution and automate the associated processes.
  • Keeps a history of the liquidity reports delivered to regulators.
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