System of Treasury, Analysis and Reporting

STAR provides a friendly, easy-to-use web environment that manages everything from the capture of the transaction and its evaluation to settlement, adapting perfectly to the needs of the business.

“Return to full control of your financial management – any time, any place”

STAR functions cover all aspects of Treasury Management


Initial capture and confirmation

Audit and monitoring of deal modifications

Management of “early termination”

Trade document management


Mark-to-market of financial instruments portfolio with best-of-breed evaluation methods

Credit evaluation adjustment calculations

What-if and Sensitivity analysis


Control and monitor settlements

Confirm interest rates

Calculate your payments

Create your documents

Issue payment instructions


Perform multi-currency accounting for payments, receipts & accruals

Unwind trades

Enter your P&L for all financial instruments

STAR manages the following markets and financial products:

Total return SWAP

Commodities derivatives

SWAP & Future on gas, oil, aluminum, energy, etc.

Currencies transactions

Spot, Forward, FX Swap, Future, Options, Exotics

Interest rate derivatives

Interest Rates SWAP, Cross-Currency SWAP, FRA, CAP & FLOOR

Debt instrument

Bond, Floating-Rate Note (FRN)

Money market instrument

BAs, Interest-bearing notes, Discount notes, Credit Facility Management


Hedge accounting module

Obtaining all the documentation required by the IFRS and US GAAP regulations for hedge accounting.

Effectiveness testing

  • Perform easily prospective and retrospective effectiveness tests
  • Based on robust techniques using historical data
  • View and extract statistical measures associated with effectiveness testing
  • Drill down-to-detail historical scenario results
  • Accommodates both Cash Flow and Fair Value hedging strategies

“Gain control of your hedging relationships. Easily capture and associate hedging derivatives and hedged items, which are defined and designed according to business requirements”


  • Calculate and account for Basis Adjustments, OCI and Ineffectiveness for each hedging relationship.
  • Manage OCI releases to income.
  • Manage Basis Adjustments and OCI amortization of income following early termination of hedging relationships.
  • Drill-down from account summaries into detailed results of a single hedging relationship.
  • From accounting entry creation to transfer to G / L according to ERP format specifications, get a robust auxiliary that fully supports and automates your hedge accounting activity.
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