Performance of Projects

VisionAp develops a customized project for each adaptation/ implementation of our clients. Our cloud web applications allow us a continuous evolution of the products according to the needs of the business in a three-step process.


  • Replace unsecure undocumented Excel spreadsheets and analyse where replacement is required
  • Fills gaps left by ERP / Accounting system
  • Consolidates data across company divisions and subsidiaries even in a decentralized global environment
  • End of analysis phase finishes with a proposal including a project timeline


  • Aligned proposal is prerequisite for design phase
  • Design phase comprises database design and programming of all specs
  • Close collaboration with your IT department required


  • Implementation is performed step-by-step
  • Typically 3 months delivery cycle, module after module
  • Risk of redundant work at the client’s end mitigated through First Time Right approach in the test environment
  • Client runs parallel analysis of the process to be established