System Treasury, Analysis and Reporting


  • Initial capture and confirmation
  • Audit and monitoring of deal modifications
  • Management of “early termination”
  • Trade document management


  • Mark-to-market of financial instruments portfolio with best-of-breed evaluation methods
  • Credit evaluation adjustment calculations
  • What-if and Sensitivity analysis


  • Control and monitor settlements
  • Confirm interest rates
  • Calculate your payments
  • Create your documents
  • Issue payment instructions


  • Perform multi-currency accounting for payments, receipts & accruals
  • Unwind trades
  • Enter your P&L for all financial instruments

Manages the following financial items

  • Total Return Swap
  • Commodoties, Derivatives
    Swaps on future, gas, oil, aluminium, etc.
  • Currencies, Transactions
    Spot, forward, FX swap, future, options, exotics
  • Interest rate derivatives
    Interest Rate Swap, cross-currency swap, FRA, CAP & floor
  • Debt Instrument
    Bond, floating-rate note (FRN)
  • Money Market Instrument
    BAS, interest-bearing notes, discount notes, credit FM